What is the right gift for your special someone?

Valentines Day has indeed passed but the nuance is still felt. There is no harm in giving special gifts for your loved ones or loved ones these days. Moreover, if this special gift is also likely to get a special gift. In other places, there is also a culture of “repaying” Valentine’s gifts, a month after that day. As for loved ones, such as parents, siblings, or friends, it is also not wrong to get a special gift using the moon moment of love. Aside from that, we’d like you to also check out the amazing custom music box any song if you want a simple yet meaningful gift for your beloved one.

Gift with a “mysterious” touch that is not risky, can be an option. The research of Timothy D Wilson and his colleagues from Virginia University and Harvard University in 2004 found that surprise gifts can invite positive responses that are beneficial to the intimacy of relationships, both lovers and family. Another research added, the prize that the recipient expected was not necessarily expensive, excessive, or valuable objects. “We found that the gift giver wanted the impression of ‘wow’, while the recipient wanted more long-term value,” said Psychologist Jeff Galak, Elanor Williams, and Julian Givi, in their research.

Knowing the needs and desires of the gift recipient or gift recipient is a keyword that will be appropriate or not a sign of love given. Simple things that are often considered not special by the gift giver, write the same research, often giving long-term value according to the recipient’s expectations.

Referring to the research, selfies with special people uploaded to social media can also be a separate gift. Photos of a lover’s partner or family activity, even in other studies have been proven to be a powerful “recipe” to maintain brain performance and optimism of those who see it. Of course, so that the impression gained is more profound and lasting, the quality of the photo must be a concern. The choice of the device to take the picture will be a determinant. Fortunately, now that need can be met enough armed with the right smartphone.

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