Two Types of Self Storage Provided by the Manager

Do you have too many items but narrow spaces? Do you feel that these items might be used someday, but you don’t like seeing the house look shabby and full? Do you need extra space to store your belongings? North Phoenix Self Storage can be a solution. As a provider of self-storage services with the best facilities, North Phoenix Self Storage can help your home look wider while keeping these items last longer.

What is self-storage?


Self-storage is a room that is used to store home furniture, hobby equipment, college equipment, to military storage. Self-storage is also a system where we store these items and service providers guarantee their security. You can visit, add or subtract items as long as they are within the agreed rental period.

There are several types of self-storage provided, two of which are:

– Military storage
Families who have members working in the military area usually often move houses to adjust to where they work. When looking for a new home while working in the area, short-term self-storage will help save your valuables. Very risky carrying valuables during the move, especially if you don’t stay long enough.

– Drive Up Storage
This type of storage is more suitable for those of you who like to organize goods, but at the same time want to unload your equipment as quickly as possible. Drive Up Storage has more professional employees and complements its facilities with the best security. All possibilities can occur, so leaving goods in self-storage is safer than carrying them anywhere.

Those are the two types of self-storage that are often provided by service providers. If you are interested in using it, think carefully about what type is most suitable for your things. Don’t forget to estimate the volume of goods so that you can rent a size that matches the volume of the item.