Does Diarrhea Not Go Better? This is the food you should avoid

When you feel diarrhea due to several causes, all you have to do is overcome it by finding out cara mengatasi diare. Because diarrhea is a disease that must be cured immediately because it can make you feel uncomfortable.

However, to overcome diarrhea not only knows the right way but also avoids some foods that can make diarrhea worse.
Because your intestine cannot process food that you might normally eat, you should avoid some food products such as processed milk products, fatty foods, high-fiber foods, or foods with a lot of seasoning for several days. You should also avoid foods that are like rough ingredients, which can be difficult to digest. These foods include beans, cabbage, or sprouted cabbage. Other foods that you should avoid are
– Spicy foods, certain fruits, alcohol, and caffeine for up to 48 hours after all your diarrhea symptoms disappear.
– Avoid milk for 3 days after your diarrhea symptoms disappear. However, you can eat cheese or yogurt containing probiotics.