Do This To Maintain Your Computer’s Performance


Computers are versatile devices IT Support in Scottsdale AZ that can be used for various purposes. Browsing, watching movies, playing games to do the tasks can be done by this one device. Of course, you will be helped a little more, right? Given the rapid technological advancements as now computers can be considered a priority for most people. That way the use of it is also more and more clearly making the computer work extra than usual. For this reason, routine maintenance is needed so that the computer is always in top condition and maintained its performance. If you need help, you can visit Managed IT Services in Scottsdale.

Some people just consider this a trivial thing that doesn’t need to be done. But actually taking care of the computer is absolutely necessary. Why? To maintain its performance. Here are some tips on caring for a computer that you can do:

1. Defrag Harddisk
Defrag hard disk serves to rearrange files in a computer. Keep in mind, every time you install / delete applications, copy / paste and move folders from one partition to another partition will make the files that have been arranged in place to move. Like a library that classifies books in categories so that they are easy to find. If the book is placed not in accordance with its category, it will be difficult to find it? Well, hard disk defrag can be interpreted to return the books in their respective categories. So the data search process will be faster.

2. Uninstall the application

What applications need to be uninstalled? Simply uninstall applications that you don’t need because in addition to being rarely used and not “too useful”, too many applications will only make your computer storage space congested. Suppose you have 2 browsers, say Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You can uninstall the browser that you don’t use. Just use the application you need.

3. Clean the System Unit
System units or those that are more familiar with the CPU are the most important parts of a computer. Inside there are various pheriperal (processor, ram, hard disk) that can make your computer work. After prolonged use, the system unit is filled with dust. Unload and clean the innards from dust, especially the fan parts. Perform this cleaning periodically about 6 months – once a year (depending on usage).