Getting yourself qualified with the general test CEFR B1

The CEFR which stands for the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is likely to be the standard framework of any language skill test including the B1 English skill test. Based on CEFR, people across Europe know each of tests for local languages is equal in certain levels. It is such a helpful global framework that anticipates misunderstanding of comparison across local language skill tests. At this point, it is quite important for you to ensure that you do not get wrong to take the test as there many kinds of tests that are available. In many occasions, you are going to find a test for specific purpose such as CEFR B1 for the required point if you want to settle in the UK. Thus, you should not rush to browse for the references such as learn more  to book the date immediately.

CEFR can be such a guide to take the test for specific purposes. As there are many kinds of language test, by using CEFR, it is possible for you to have more options. In example of English skill test, ISE I of ISE is equal to Grade 5 of GESE in a column B1 of CEFR.

By this way, it is possible for you to choose between ISE I or Grade 5 of GESE if you want to be acknowledged in B1 skill. Thus, everyone must feel more flexible to choose the test for the equal level.

Of all, you need to get yourself prepared of the questions once you have decided a certain kind of test. You should not understand many kinds of test as each of them has different characteristics so that it is more realistic that you focus on understanding of a certain kind of test only. By this way, you can take the test immediately.