Take advantage of your condo area with these three tips


As one of the many chosen residences, condominiums must be a comfortable place and can be lived in a long time. Because the condo clearly has become yours when you buy it. For the selection of the condominium, you must choose the right and right for yourself. You can choose uptown at farrer as the right and comfortable condo.

To design a condo, it is a little more difficult than you design a private house. Because, the size of the condo, is definitely smaller than a private house and becomes a bit of a problem for you. So, to take advantage of the area of the condominium you have, there are some tips for decorating the condo.

1. Use each area according to your needs
When marketing uptown at farrer, the developer usually determines each area according to its designation, for example, the area for the dining room, family area, guest room, reading room, etc. You don’t have to follow this standard. You can just use an area that is designed for guest rooms as your work space, or the dining room becomes one with the living room. This method certainly maximizes the potential of the room on the condomonium according to your needs.

2. Choose the color of the pallet or pastel to give a wider impression
To make your condo at uptown at farrer look more spacious and comfortable, then you can choose the color of the pallet or pastel on the wall paint you choose. You can use these colors in several rooms that are used together, such as living rooms or television viewing rooms. This color will make the room look wider. Or you can also add glass to the room to make it more spacious.

3. Arrange condominium lighting very carefully
So that the nuances in the room do not seem monotonous, apply more than one lighting for condominiums, which is by combining recessed lighting to illuminate every corner of the room, overhead lighting such as candlesticks to be placed in each room, and table lights for illumination in more specific areas. But, we don’t just focus on artificial lighting.