What You Need To Know About Arduino

Arduino is a descendant of the board that from ancient times that had to be soldered and is now easier to operate and also Arduino is a single-board microcontroller that is open-source. Do you have a plan to buy Arduino? The hardware has a type of processor, namely: Atmel AVR and the software has its own programming language and is also very easy to learn. At present Arduino is very popular throughout the world. Many beginners who want to learn about robotics and electronics through Arduino because it is very learned. but not only beginners, hobbyists or professionals are also happy to develop electronic applications using Arduino. The language used in Arduino is not a relatively difficult assembler, but the simplified C language with the help of Arduino libraries. from Arduino also simplifies the process of working with microcontrollers, while offering a variety of advantages including:


* Cheap – Arduino (hardware) boards are usually sold relatively cheap (between 125 thousand to 400 thousand rupiahs) compared to other pro microcontroller platforms. If you want it to be cheaper, you can make it yourself and it is very possible because all the resources to make your own Arduino are available on the Arduino website even on other Arduino community websites. Not only suitable for Windows but also suitable to work on Linux.

* Simple and easy to program – Note that the programming environment on Arduino is easy to use for beginners, and is flexible enough for those who are already advanced. For teachers / lecturers, Arduino is based on the Processing programming environment, so that if students or students are accustomed to using Processing, of course it will be easy to use Arduino.

* Open Source software – The Arduino IDE software is published as Open Source, available to experienced programmers for further development. The language can be further developed through C ++ libraries based on C Language for AVR.